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Called the island of fire and ice, Iceland is one of the hidden gems of the North Atlantic Sea. The characteristic and breathtaking landscapes were capriciously shaped by volcanic activity, and the local inhabitants have learned to coexist with it, giving place to the rich and particular folklore of the Icelandic people.

Mainly divided into four touristic regions, and with a wild natural landscape as a common attraction, Iceland has become one of the most visited destinations over the past three years. New infrastructure was created around the most remotes areas to make travelers journeys more pleasant and enjoyable.

From riding a snowmobile on a glacier slope and visiting deep-blue ice caves in Skaftafell, or following Jules Verne's journey to the center of the earth in the Vatnshellir Cave in Snæfellsnes Peninsula to relaxing in the hotsprings of the Mývatn Lake. Iceland provides a whole-year menu of experiences for every kind of visitor.

Image by Robert Lukeman

An Icelandic Odyssey

8 Days - Summer tour

A marvelous journey around the island of ice and fire. Visit the stunning natural landscapes and cultural and historic sights.

Image by Todd Cravens

Round Iceland

Incl. Whale Safari

9 Days - Summer tour

Off the beaten path, a longer and complete experience including a wild sea-life safari on the North of the island. 

Image by Guilherme Romano

Pearls of the North Atlantic

8 Days - Winter tour

The perfect combination for those who want to get the full experience, including amazing natural scenery and ancient history.

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