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Maybe because of their long and peaceful summer days, the cinnamon smell of the Christmas markets, the dancing auroras on the boreal nights, or the hospitality of their people, Sweden is a must on the Scandinavian scene. It is a destination that has a perfect balance between history, traditions, and nature.

With a long extension North to South, the country is gifted with many outstanding landscapes and biodiversity.  Above Parallel 66, in the Arctic region, is the territory of the Sami community, which has kept alive their folklore and traditions for centuries. Reindeer farms are still one of their main businesses. 
This region witnesses two of the most incredible natural phenomena on planet Earth, the Midnight sun during the summer season, and the Aurora Borealis from September to April. 

Weather conditions change in the center of the country and give place to the magnificent Swedish forests, home of some of the big predators such as bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine, but also moose, reindeer, and deer. 

Over the coast of the Baltic Sea and inside a notorious archipelago is Stockholm, the capital city. Considered by many as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, its a mixture of history, elegance, nature, style, and relaxation, that coexist together in perfect harmony. 

On the West side and over the Kattegat Strait are two other important cities: Gothenburg, the birthplace of Volvo cars and second-biggest city, and to the south Malmö, famous for being one of the first green and sustainable cities in Europe.

Image by Adam Gavlák

Baltic Capitals Passage

8 Days - All year

A pleasant journey around the best cities on the Baltic Sea, Stockholm, Helsinki, and Tallinn; including a night cruise navigation.

Image by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic

Nordic Wandering

8 Days - All year

The Nordic capitals have a charming mix of design, history, and culture. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere all year round.

Image by Lightscape

Luleå and Swedish Lapland

5 Days - Winter tour

Experience the real Lappish winter, frozen sea, Ice Breakers, Aurora Borealis, snowmobile excursions, and much more. 

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