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Here, where the eternal ice meets the ocean, and magnificent icebergs float adrift on an immaculate bay. Here, where ancient tribes coexist with the flow of modern times. Here, where arctic wildlife deploys their wings following the natural circle of life. Here is where your client's next destination is.

Even nowadays, where almost any part of the world is unexplored, Greenland remains untouched and wild. The main attractions are laid along the coastline. Facing the West side is the town of Kangerlussuaq, an easy entry to the famous Greenlandic Ice Sheet, an enormous ice cap that covers around 80% of the country's surface. This is also the main air traffic connection to Greenland and the perfect place to start a trip. Further North is Ilulissat and the famous Disko Bay, with big icebergs and growlers; navigating those waters under the midnight sun during summer is a must.


By a two-day sailing journey down South, visit Nuuk, the capital city. The town is the cultural and historical center of the Inuit folk. It is also surrounded by marvelous fjords, glaciers, and waterfalls. The coastal area is dotted with brightly colored houses, with the Sermitsiaq Mountain silhouetted on the horizon.

Image by Dylan Shaw

Jewels of the West Coast & Denmark

8 Days - Summer tour

From the culture and history of Nuuk, the capital city, to the wild and immaculate Disko bay in Ilulissat.

Image by Marjorie Teo

Inuit Explorer from Denmark

11 Days - Summer tour

Our ultimate experience, including Kangerlussuaq and the Ice Sheet, Nuuk, and a coastal cruise to Ilulissat.

Image by Annie Spratt

Greenland Across the Ice Sheet

8 Days - All Year

Enjoy two of the pristine gems of the West coast. Have a BBQ at the feet of a glacier, or navigate the Icefjord under the Midnight sun.

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