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Culture and traditions combined with the quaint charm of the cities make this country a living fairy-tale. More than ten centuries of history have shaped Danish society to achieve the progress they have made today. Architecture, design, eco-thinking, and welfare are just some of the key features that make Denmark one of the most interesting destinations in the Nordic countries.

Hyggelig is the Danish word for a moment or a thing that creates an unexplainable feeling of joy and coziness, and that is what Copenhagen, the capital city, generates in all its visitors. Whether walking the streets on a long and placid summer day or sitting inside a warm coffee shop with low lights, cinnamon smells on a dark winter, the perfect atmosphere is always easy to find in the city.

Even if some of the main attractions are located in Copenhagen, there are many other greats sights around the peninsula of Jutland and the 443 islands that form the Danish archipelago. Odense, on the island of Fyn, is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, one of the most famous fairy-tales writers. In south-Jutland, Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark and one of the most well-conserved. The Ribe Viking Center situated nearby invites the visitor to travel back in time to the Viking era in an interactive experience. Heading North the city of Aarhus, the second biggest city in Denmark, has great museums, such as ARoS Museum of Art, and the Old Town Open Air Museum. Roskilde, close to the capital, has a Viking heritage centre and the museum of Viking ships.

Image by Sandra Grünewald

Scandinavian Passage

8 Days - Summer tour

The Nordic Capitals have a charming mix of design, history, and culture. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere all year round.

Image by Sonia Kuniakina

Marvelous Scandinavia

6 Days - Summer tour

Starting from Denmark, the
country of fairytales, across Øresund to Sweden, and visiting Norway's fjords and capital.

Image by Robert Katzki

Danish Getaway

5 Days - All year

Get to know all the traditions, histories, and buildings that make this country so unique. A journey into the Danish core.

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