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Like out of a Viking fairy-tale, and halfway between Iceland and Norway, is a green land, full of vertiginous geographical formations, waterfalls, and a wide variety of sea life.

The name Føroyar (Faroe Islands) is derived from old Norse and means Sheep Islands, and not by coincidence, the sheep population outnumbers humans by almost double.

The archipelago includes 18 islands. Streymoy is the biggest one and is where Tórshavn, the capital city, is located. The city is the main tourist hub, offering a wide range of options for accommodation, restaurants, and shopping. On the North side of the island, there is also the small town of Saksun, surrounded by mountains and with an outstanding view above Tidal lagoon.

Navigating the West side of the island, it is possible to admire the fabulous cliffs of Vestamanna and the vast seabird population that nest there during the summer including puffins.

Located to the East of the capital city is the island of Eysturoy, with a magnificent and complex geography.  The town of Gjov stands out in the North, with less than 50 inhabitants, and is named after a 200-meter long sea-filled gorge that runs from the village into the ocean.  On the other side of the island is the small village of Eiði, a great starting point to visit the stones o Risin and Kelling that lie, according to the legend, for eternity on the sea.

Wild by nature, the island of Vágar holds two of the most iconic attractions in Faroe: The Múlafossur Waterfall, which lies at the feet of the Árnafjall mountain, and the incredible Sørvágsvatn lake that, thanks to an optical illusion, seems to be floating high above the sea.  The International Airport is also located on this island and has great flight connections during the main seasons.

Image by Lachlan Gowen

The Faroese Crossing

6 Days - Summer tour

A great combination of the wild and pristine lands of the Faroe Islands, and the vibrant mood of Denmark's capital city.

Image by Robert Bahn

Pearls of the North Atlantic

8 Days - Summer tour

There is nothing more amazing than following the path of the old Vikings explorer around Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

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