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    Meet the team    

We come from all over the world, we eat different kinds of food, speak different languages, and like different things, but we share a unique passion for traveling, and we are all deeply amazed about Scandinavia and The Baltics. Each of us brings a new perspective and expertise, and we are committed to providing the best travel solutions and an unforgettable journey for your clients. Get to know us, we are Nordis Travel.


Weibin Wang

Yantai, China

Owner, Sales Manager - Taiwan and Japan

I was connected to tourism industry after college graduation. It is my passion and faith in the tourism industry that accompanied me while working and studying in different countries. Now, I live in Copenhagen with my family and I have two lovely kids.  Leading Nordis Travel to become one of the best tour operator companies for Scandinavian destinations is my goal. 

Weibin in Kirkjufell

Favorite place

Kirkjufell, Iceland


Maternity leave

until February

Caris Huili Zhu

Shanghai, China

Operation Manager

I have been proudly serving as Operational Manager for the last four years. My main range covers the arrangements of the activities and events in Nordic countries. I am a big fan of traveling, especially around the splendid Scandinavian landscapes. One of my favorite experiences was to witness the fabulous forms of the aurora dancing over the Arctic sky. 


Favorite place

Seljalandfoss, Iceland


Jantima Hansen

Bangkok, Thailand

Sales Manager - South East Asia

With my skills and knowledge of the travel industry, both operations and sales, and with more than 11 years of experience, I can provide you the best solutions for travel in Scandinavia and the Baltics. As my native language is Thai, my main market is Thailand as well as all the other South East Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. 

Jantima in Kangerlussuaq.jpg

Favorite place

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland


Meng Li 

Liao Ning, China

Sales Manager - Greater China

While studying in Denmark, I fell in love with the vastness and tranquillity of Scandinavia. In 2015, by chance, I started to work as an Operation and Sales Manager for the Asian Market. Every time I transformed Scandinavia's fascinating scenery, history, and culture into a travel package, sell it and receive the client's great feedback, it makes me love my profession more and more.

Favorite place

Múlafossur Waterfoss, Faroe Islands


Xiaojing Fu

Beijing, China

Operation Supervisor

I started working in the tourism industry in Copenhagen in 2014. During the past years, I have been working in the Operation Department mainly and have become a specialist in Scandinavian destinations. I am a natural go-to person and am dedicated to helping customers fulfill their travel dreams.

Favorite place

Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland


Daniel Goodman

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sales Manager - Spain and LATAM

I started in the Tourism industry in 2007, back in Argentina. I developed in different roles such as B2C leisure sales, Cruise Line & Hotel Chains representation, Corporate sales, and B2B DMC Sales Manager. In 2014, I moved to Denmark and I fell in love with the Scandinavian landscapes, culture, and standard of living.


Favorite place:

Galdhøpiggen Mountain, Lom, Norway

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-05 at 9.30.54 AM.jpeg

Rosina Lopez de Haro

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sales & Operations Manager, Spain

Since childhood, traveling and exploring new places have been a great part of my identity. Love found in a tropical Iland brought me to Copenhagen, more than a decade here has shown me beautiful Scandinavia values and culture. It is important to me that wishes and expectations are met, so you can experience the uniqueness of the North.


Favorite place:
Nærøyfjord, Norway

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